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Sora no Method (天体(そら)のメソッド Tentai (Sora) no Mesoddo?, lit. Method of Celestial Body) is an original TV anime series written by Naoki Hisaya and the character concepts were illustrated by QP:Flapper.

The anime series will be directed by Masayuki Sakoi, with animation character designs by Yukie Akitani and sound directed by Jin Aketagawa of Magic Capsule. Ripa and Yukiko Furusawa design the setting. Kazushige Kanehira of Kusanagi serves as the art setting and directed by Hiromu Ito from the same studio. Rie Katoh is setting the colors, Kazuto Izumida of T2 Studio will direct the photography, and Takeshi Sadamatsu Satellite serves as the editor. The image song is "North Method" while the animation opening theme is "Stargazer," both by Larval Stage Planning and the ending theme is "Interlude of Stardust" by fhána, produced by Lantis. Produced by Infinite, the animation will be produced by a new studio named Studio 3Hz.


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